emergent curriculum, the human body
When a group of 4 year olds had trouble constructing a standing figure made from clay and wire, we askedthem 'What makes your body stand up?' and they responded with 'Bones and Muscles!' The ensuing conversation demonstrated a great deal of prior knowledge and curiosity about the human body, and an in-depth investigation began with research - in the children's terms: 'Finding out about stuff.'
  • emergent curriculum, the human body
  • emergent curriculum, human body
  • emergent curriculum, heart
  • emergent curriculum, the brain
  • emergent curriculum, documentation
  • emergent curriculum, constructing body drawings.
  • emergent curiculum, germs

I am fortunate to regularly have the opportunity to have lively discussions about pedagogical documentation with colleagues and friends who are not only early years educators, but also artists or graphic designers.

The chocolate project evolved from the children's disbelief about where chocolate comes from....
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November 16th 2019
Prospect Bay Children's Centre
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