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My Publications

2015 Stacey, S. Pedagogical Documentation in Early Childhood. Minneapolis, MN: Redleaf Press

2011 Stacey, S. Unscripted: Emergent Curriculum in Action. Minneapolis, MN: Redleaf Press

2008 Stacey, S. Emergent Curriculum in Early Childhood Settings. Minneapolis, MN: Redleaf Press

2004 Wien, C.A. and Stacey, S. The Doll Project. In Young Children, Washington, D.C: NAEYC

2003 Stacey,S. The Other Side of the Field Trip. In Exchange, Washington, D.C.

2000 Diamond, K. and Stacey, S. The Other Children in Preschool: Typical Children in Inclusive Programmes. In Young Exceptional Children, Washington, D.C: NAEYC

1999 Stacey, S. Facilitating Collaboration Among Children. In Exchange, Washington, D.C

1998 Wien, C.A. and Stacey, S. Untiming the Curriculum: A Case Study in Removing Clocks from the Curriculum. In Young Children, Washington, D.C: NAEYC

In classrooms that use inquiry-based approaches - including those who use Emergent Curriculum, engage in long or short term project work, or are inspired by Reggio Emilia - we work hard to find the time to document children's ideas, thinking, and learning.

The chocolate project evolved from the children's disbelief about where chocolate comes from....
Saturday April 22nd 9am
NSCC Truro Campus
Friday Apr 28th (evening) and all day Saturday 29th
NS College of ECE, Halifax, N.S.
May 4th
online, with educators in Halton region, Ont.
May 6th 2017
NSCC Truro Campus
November 18th 2017
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