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-- a place to explore aspects of Emergent Curriculum and Inquiry-Based practices, as well as pedagogical documentation, and the development of classroom environments that support these approaches. It is my hope that this website will inspire and support Early Years Educators on their learning journey, whether they are new to these approaches, or seasoned practitioners.

Emergent Curriculum is exciting, thought-provoking (for both children and teachers), and demonstrates our respect for children’s thinking. When we collaborate with children, we create a dynamic curriculum that is responsive, intentional, and full of possibilities.

I must admit, I’m feeling wobbly about writing on the topic of Covid-19 (a little like the image of the knot that you see here!) I am not a scientist, or a medical professional. I am an early childhood educator, teacher educator/collaborator, advocate, consultant, and writer.

The chocolate project evolved from the children's disbelief about where chocolate comes from....
Kid's Country, Ohio
All over the province of NS
November 16th 2019
Prospect Bay Children's Centre
NS and other provinces