''The Big Re-Opening" - Possibilities during Covid-19

I must admit, I’m feeling wobbly about writing on the topic of Covid-19 (a little like the image of the knot that you see here!) I am not a scientist, or a medical professional.

Sketch-Noting for Educators

I am fortunate to regularly have the opportunity to have lively discussions about pedagogical documentation with colleagues and friends who are not only early years educators, but also artists or g

Why do you document?

In classrooms that use inquiry-based approaches - including those who use Emergent Curriculum, engage in long or short term project work, or are inspired by Reggio Emilia - we work hard to find the

The Journey of Pedagogical Documentation

Those of us who are on the journey of documenting children's ideas, thoughts, play, investigations, and questions know that it is a process.

Notes from Reggio: Seeing and re-seeing

(Notes from lecture by Maddelena Tedeschi)

My involvement in Early Childhood Education began when my three children attended childcare in Montreal. I became fascinated with how children learn, and through further education at Mount St. Vincent University in Halifax, N.S. and Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, CA., was able to begin working with young children.

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The chocolate project evolved from the children's disbelief about where chocolate comes from....
Kid's Country, Ohio
All over the province of NS
November 16th 2019
Prospect Bay Children's Centre
NS and other provinces